XXL Words Game Board


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Product Details and Content

  • Dimensions of board: 4' x 6.5' - 120 cm x 180-200 cm x 6 cm
  • Game Accessories

Unleash Your Vocabulary Skills with the Ultimate Mega Archtwain Word Game.

Gather your friends and family and get ready for an exciting night of word play. Archtwainian mega size word game takes the classic word game to a whole new level with its life-sized board that is even bigger than real life. The bigger the board, the bigger the fun. No more cramped tables or limited spaces - just a wall-sized canvas for you to unleash your vocabulary skills on!

Not just limited to game nights, this product is perfect decoration for both home and offices. Its vibrant and stylish design is a great addition to any room. And the thrill of scoring big will take your breath away!

Say goodbye to small and mundane word games and upgrade to the mega size game experience.. Let's get playing!

Mega Words Wall Deco is design patented by Archtwain Design Studio.