Soccer Cave


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Product Details and Content

  • Product diameter:  19'' x 31'' x 4'' (49cm x 78cm x 11cm)
  • Game accessories

How to play?
The game is played on the table.Players make moves by flicking the ball.Groups may be on 1 or more.Players choose a color for team and make selection by lot to start.Game starts at centre line. The aim is overpassing opponent pawns and score a goal.Each player flips twice.Each score deletes 1 opponent pawn; the rival elects a pawn out of the board. The goalkeeper is left to last.Whoever elects all the opponent pawns wins the game !

Now it is time to have a break for football lovers !
Now you can band together your passion and energy.
Meet Soccer Cave! This Archtwainian design will boost your energy up with fun.
Call your most passionate friends and enjoy your time !
Just as you hang your game on the wall,  view of the room will evolve to a dreamy level.
And just as you bring your game to a table, you’ll then have a new passion of gaming. Let the goal battle begin ! Scoot down for a new hobby for your family and friends !
Soccer Cave  is design patented  by Archtwain Design Studio.