Snakes and Ladders


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Archtwain promises to bring the legend of India to your living space with the world classic "Snakes and Ladders" game.

Aside from offering competition and fun together, our design, which will continue to be a part of your decoration after the game, is the new choice of those who want fun to be right beside.

Discover one of the most wonderful ways to spend time with your loved ones on Archtwain. Our passion for creating social spaces continues to exist!

Product Details and Content
Product size: 60cm x 60cm

How to play?

  • Before starting the game, players roll to determine who will start the game.
  • Each turn players move their pawns on the squares to complete the path. The first to reach the end of the path wins.
  • When a player reaches any ladder along the path, they climb up to the top of the ladder, If they reach the head of one of the snakes, they have to go down to the end of the snake's tail.