Mega Ludo Wall Deco


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 Product Details and Content

  • Product dimensions: 27'' x 23'' x 4'' ( 68cm x 60cm x 10cm)

  • Game accessories


How to play?

Played among 2-6 players with one dice. The aim is reaching the final point without being beaten by other players’ pawns. 

The game is played on wall. Before starting each player chooses a color for the whole game.

Each player starts with 4 pawns. Player has to roll 6 to count in a pawn, when s/he counts in all 4 pawns, starts to move on. Except for safe areas, 2 pawns cannot be at the same square. If a pawn comes on to rival pawn, new pawn beats the old one. The beaten pawn can be counted in with 6roll. Each rolled 6 gives another dice right to the player. 

On the board, a pawn can leap over another pawn. 

Whoever can take all four pawns to finish wins the game.


Mellow rivalry, new strategies, lots of fun, elegant design… It is now much more pleasant to spend time home.

Archtwain, the adress of whom don’t believe the limits about fun, has created a new member for your house; Mega Ludo. Everyone will try to reach to the top with roars. 

May  you guess the winner?  If you’re used to be the winner, now it is time to dare !


Mega Ludo Wall Deco is design patented  by Archtwain Design Studio.