Maze Board


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Product Details and Content

  • Product diameter:  23'' x 1''  (60cm x 3cm)
  • Game accessories
How to play?
This game is played on wall.The route is followed with the needlepoint of pawn from the start to the end. The goal is to arrive to the finish asap !

Are you one of those who are extremely willing to  ligature decoration and style via tableaus? Then it is time do discover Maze Wall Deco. You will taste both the decoration style and the savor of competing with your loved ones against time !Archtwain’s minimalist style is alive with Maze Wall Deco. Modern lines and full black color will create a permanent space on your wall for this decorative game.Start decorating your place with your favorite game. Our passion for procuring social sites is shining!

 Maze Board is design patented  by Archtwain Design Studio.