Ludo Wall Deco


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How about a stylish game that will elevate your mood whenever you wish? If your answer is yes, you should consider that entertainment and design are hand in hand for a decoration you will buy for your home and office.
Ludo will be your favorite from the moment you hang it on your wall, to create wonders in your decoration with its groundbreaking design and to experience the funniest competition with your loved ones. You can relieve the stress of the day with a pleasant break and be the pioneer of simple and stylish design in your home and office!
Remove borders with Ludo, the most enjoyable break activity, have crazy fun!


How to play?

  • The game is played with the board hanging on the wall. Before starting the game, players choose their colors. The game is played with 2-4 players without partnerships and only one dice. Each player starts the game with 4 pawns.
  • Players take turns in a clockwise order; highest throw of the die starts.
  • At the beginning of the game, each player's four pawns are out of play. To enter a pawn into play from its yard to its starting square, a player must roll a six.
  • Each time the players roll a six, they can reintroduce one pawn into the game, and each six roll gives the player one more dice roll.
  • The players enter their pawns one per turn on their respective starting squares and proceed to race them clockwise around the board along the path of squares not part of any player's home column. When reaching the square below his home column, a player continues by moving pawns up the column to the finishing square.
  • The rolls of a single die control the swiftness of the pawns, and entry to the finishing square requires a precise roll from the player.
  • The first to bring all their tokens to the finish wins the game.
  • If an opponent's pawn is blocking the pathway, the player must land on the same space as the pawn to capture it. Players cannot move past that pawn. If no move is possible, the turn moves to the next player. If the advance of a pawn ends on a square occupied by an opponent's pawn, the opponent pawn is returned to its owner's yard. The returned pawn can be re-entered into play only when the owner rolls a six. If a piece lands on the same space as another piece of the same colour, the pieces are doubled and form a "block".If the advance of a block ends on an opponents block, the latter is captured and returned to its owners yard, collectively.

Product Details and Content
Product dimensions: 50 cm x 50 cm x 5 cm