Ludo Wall Deco


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Product Details and Content
  • Product dimensions: 19'' x 19'' x 4'' ( 49cm x 49cm x 10cm)

  • Game accessories

How to play?
Ludo is played on wall. Before the game each player chooses a color and go on with that color.
Ludo is played with one dice among 2-4 players. The goal is reaching the end-point without being defeated to other players’ pawns.
Each player starts with 4 pawns. Players have to roll 6 on the dice for each pawn to play in. When all the pawns played in,  player starts to march on. Except for the safe areas, two pawns cannot be on the same square. If opponent’s pawn comes to the same square, this pawn is counted as defeated and has to go back to start.
Whenever a player rolls 6, s/he can play 1 pawn in again, and each rolled 6 provides another dice claim to the player.
During the game a pawn can jump over other pawns.
Whoever completes the path and carry her/his pawns to the finish, celebrates the winning !


How about a game that can boost your morale anytime-anywhere ? If your answer is yes, you should count joy in your life.

Ludo is gonna be your indispensable part of home as you hang it on your wall with its disruptive style and awesome view. You may let off steam with mellow playtime, become the pioneer of decoration style  at home and office!

Get out of the limits with the most mellow break activity Ludo ! 

Ludo Wall Deco is design patented  by Archtwain Design Studio.