Giant Connect Four Wall Deco


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 Product Details and Content

  • Product dimensions:
    • 62" x 50" x 5.5" (132x128x14cm)
    • 42"x44" (105x110x14cm)
  • Game accessories

How to play?
Played on wall. Players choose a color for each and decide who will start first.Players drop a disc into a hole.Each disc rolls down and fills a hole.The aim is to achieve a four disc line in a vertical, horizontal or diagonal way.Players can use only their color. In the end the stopper is pulled back and discs are collected for e new turn.

Are you ready for a stunning fun experiment? Countdown for this amazing creation !This game is nearly half-century age old and ready to appear on your wall. We've bound white-black elegancy and withy stylish lines.You will have big smiles on all the faces with fun and joy. This mega touch is able to beautify your wall and time. Mega Connect Four is waiting for you!

 Giant Connect Four Wall Deco is design patented by Archtwain Design Studio.