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Giant All-Star Basketball Board


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Creative Product Description
Who wouldn’t want to have warm and friendly place at home? Especially if it is full of peace and fun…
Now you won’t get enough of ball games’ fun! You can decorate any part of your home with wall games. Mega all star is standing for to be the most wanted item of your place. You will literally feel rivalry and enjoy your rest with its creative and stylish outlook.
It is time to bring entertainment fast beside!

•This game is designed to be played on a wall-mounted board serving as a decorative wall sculpture when not in use.

•Recommended number of players: All-Star Basketball can be played by any number of players, but it is commonly played by two individuals or two teams in a match.

Product dimensions:
(W) 89 cm x (H) 120 cm x (D) 27 cm (35'' x 47.2'' x 10.2'')

Product dimensions including ball holders:
(W) 119 cm x (H) 120 cm x (D) 27 cm (46.8'' x 47.2'' x 10.2'')"

Age Range
•This versatile game is suitable for a wide age range, offering engaging entertainment for children and adults alike. The recommended minimum age is 3, with adult supervision advised for users aged 6 and below.

How to play?
•Wall basketball is a game played on a wall and can be played with one person or more if a challenge is desired.
•Players start deciding how many sets will be hold.
•The objective is to score points by throwing a ball into a designated target area.
•One by one players pop, and add point to the score on board.
•Mark the scores on the scoreboard using the marker. Use the scoreboard to keep track of the scores.
•Continue playing until each player has completed their designated number of turns or a set time limit.
•After the final set, whoever has the highest score s/he wins!
•You can also modify the game by introducing different target areas or adding specific rules, such as requiring players to make consecutive shots to earn bonus points.
Included Components:Main Board, four basketballs, hoops, ball holders, marker.
The product is shipped in a packaging box, which can later be repurposed for storage.

Hanging Instructions and Hardware Notice for Board Installation
You will need two screws and wall plugs to hang the board. We wanted to inform you that we do not include hardware with the product, as our customers may require different types of screws or nails to securely hang it on the wall.

Summary of hanging instructions:
Align the product and mark the screw points.
Hang the product, ensuring that the screws do not penetrate the wall completely. Since the product has depth, some part of it must remain outside; otherwise, the product will not be able to lean against the wall.

To assemble the hoop and ball holder, locate the disassembled parts inside the box. In the transparent package, you'll find small cap nuts for the ball holders and four larger ones for the hoops.

Mega All-Star Basketball Wall Deco is design patented  by Archtwain Design Studio.