Tic Tac Toe Wall Deco


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Product Details and Content

  • 27" x 21" x 3''  (68cm x 54cm x 7cm)
  • Game accessories

How to play?
   Played on wall with 2 players. Players choose which sign to start, make selection by      lot for the start.
  Players add one sign for each time on the board.
  Whoever succeeds to add 3 signs in horizontal, vertical or diagonal way, s/he is the winner !



While doing wonders, just keep up your inside fashion of decoration. One of the most popular game of a generation, SOS  is coming to help you with your choice !With its extraordinary concept, TicTacToe is coming up to boost your stylish view. Moreover, you will always have Archtwain wisdom  beside you as you enjoy your time with friends in a notable way. Embellish your space with entertainment

Tic Tac Toe Wall Deco is design patented  by Archtwain Design Studio.