Tic Tac Toe Wall Deco


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Product Details and Content

  • 25.6"x20.5" (52 cm x 65 cm)
  • Total depth :4cm
  • 10 pieces ( 5pcs of O - 5psc of X )

Adding something new to your space and it is gathering entertaiment by itself, superb. this inspiration lead us to design Tic Tac Toe Wall Deco and offering you more than a decorative object.

One of the most popular vintage games, Tic Tac Toe Wall Deco is introducing you new or newer memories. Genuine archtwainan design, presents a streamlined fun on your wall, inspired by social venue dream of us.

With a classy but also saucy outlook, this product will change the color of the mood. Via the game function your wall will be haunted and commodious. Comprised on superimposed black matte metal and wooden tablets. Manifesting modern and classy look. Special metal pawn pieces integrate the  dapper style.

Tic Tac Toe Wall Deco can be easily set on anywhere you wish. Waiting to pep up your place and witness your happy hours!