Freecell Wall Deco


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Product Details and Content

  • Dimensions: 29.1" x 18.9" (74cmx48cm)
  • Total depth: 2cm
  • 1 set fo card deck

    It may sound nonsensical to ”use a wall” but it is quite convincing with archtwain! Genuine archtwain design, Freecell Wall Deco offers you that miraculous chance.

    Dream of fathering social venues inspired us for this design. This product is unique and it is archtwainian. We are familiar the freecell game from digital media and this wall deco is folding the game and the poshness together.

    Extraordinary Outlook is the distinguishing feature of this wall deco. Simple but jazzy style offers you a mellow view. High quality black metal ground and good grade card deck will be delivered to you.

    Freecell Wall Deco can be easily set on anywhere you wish via the hidden hangers. Waiting to be melded!