Dart Wall Deco


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Product Details and Content

  • Diameter of board: 26,5" (67cm)
  • Total depth: 4 cm
  • Triple steel pointed dart set

     It’s not an ordinary occasion that a decorative object being an instrument to cheerful hours with your folk. Dart Wall Deco product offers you more than decoration beside the superb and chich design.

    This product that came out of our dreams about social venues is folding the dart game and decoration with a marvelous Outlook. Even if your throws are near miss this product guarantees the bulls eye of fun and design. This archtwanian object will draw attention as a component and stylish piece of your place.

    Elaborately detailed deco is made of durable cork strata, high quality mdf ground and elegant matte black metal parts.

    You can set your dart wall deco up whereever you wish via the hidden hanger parts. This archtwainian idea is waiting to glamorise your home or Office and offers you hard hot dart games.