Chinese Checkers Wall Deco


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Product Details and Content

  • Dimensions: 23''x23'' (59 cm x 59 cm) Total dept: 1.5" (4 cm)
  • Game accessories


How to play?
Played with 2-6 players on wall or on a table.
Players choose a color. If it is played 2-3 players, players may choose more than one color to play.
Pawns are set on the board. And decided of whom to play.
Players try to carry their pawn to the triangle by passing over opponents' pawns.
Players can take one jump over opponents pawn or if the line is empty they can go more.
The aim is reaching the triangle as the 1st.


Extraordinary fun has never been so gettable! Don't let the stylish look trick you. But your strategies and intelligence won't retain anyone of fun !

You will enjoy your time with your guests by playing and pleasure of decoration. Even while you are not playing, Chinese Checkers Wall Deco will look literally amazing on your wall.

Chinese Checkers Wall Deco is design patented by Archtwain Design Studio.