Baseball Wall Deco


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Product Details and Content
  • Dimensions: 29'' x 27'' (74cm x 70cm ) Total depth: 6" (16cm)
  • 4 mini balls
  • Game accessories

How to play?
Played with two players or two groups.Before starting, decided on how many sets to play. Players decide on where to shoot.Players shoots 2 or 4 shoots in one time, achieved shoots are added to the score.When the sets are finished, scores are compared, the higher score wins!


Open air games are always good choices. How about bringing one of them on to your wall? If your answer is yes, Baseball Wall deco will please you gladly !Now an unforgettable rivalry is waiting for you and your guests. Riveting style of Baseball board will also be a marvel part of your wall. Boost your energy in your own place !

 Baseball Wall Deco is design patented by Archtwain Design Studio.