Backgammon Wall Deco


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Product Details and Content

  • Dimensions of board: 26.4"x19" (67cmx48cm)
  • Total depth: 2.7" (7cm)
  • 1 bakgommon pieces set in black and white
  • Two dices

One stylish touch on your place and that may  be far more than a designation. Genuine archtwainian design, Backgommon Wall Deco has been created for you in the way of fun and flava. Beside its jaunty look, this product is offering you jamboree.

Dreaming of fathering social venues, achtwainian style created this product for your joyous time. Plain but spiffy design allows you take a quick selfie with your defeated rival.

Backgommon Wall Deco can be easily set via hidden hangers  on aywhere you wish. Waiting to have a place on your wall and wishing good luck!