Archopoly Wall Deco


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  • Product dimensions:  33'' x 32''  (84x82x10cm)

  • Game accessories


How to play?

Archopoly is played with 2-6 players. One player is chosen as the banker. The banker will be responsible for the case and properties.

Each player chooses a pawn.

The banker distributes the archopoly money.  Each player starts with two 500$, two 100$, two 50$, five 20$, five 10$, five 5$ and five 1$ bills.

Each player rolls the dice to determine who will start. Then the game goes on clockwise.

Each player rolls both dice and goes ahead according to the dice.

Player can buy the destination property if it is still free or can rent it. If there is a different necessity with the destination property, players can play according to the rule.

If a player doesn’t want to buy the free property on the destination, the banker announces a tender for other players. The highest offer buy the property.

If a player stops at another player’s property, s/he has to pey rent to the owner.

If a player doesn't have enough cash to pay, s/he can sell her/his property or the landlord can put in pledge of hirer’s properties. If the hirer goes bankrupt, the pledged properties come into the landlord’s possession.

Players can interchange and do shopping from other players.

Whoever goes ahead without bankrupt till the end wins !


If any player succeed to buy whole properties of her/his color, becomes the monopoly; so s/he can take double rent.

The monopoly player can build 4 houses on her/his properties as one for each. If the monopoly player finishes off 4 houses, then s/he can build hotels on her/his properties and increase the income. 

Whoever can reach to the GO corners, gets 150$.


Table game’s  always good idea, but this time we ‘ve combined fun and strategy with imagination.

You will recreate your living area and get used to have fun evermore. Who will buy the hotel first? This time a huge debatable entertainment  is waiting for the landlord and other players!

Time to find out the best strategist!

Archopoly Wall Deco is design patented  by Archtwain Design Studio.