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Archopoly Wall Game


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Creative Product Description
Table game’s always good idea, but this time we ‘ve combined fun and strategy with imagination.
You will recreate your living area and get used to have fun evermore. Who will buy the hotel first? This time a huge debatable entertainment is waiting for the landlord and other players!
Time to find out the best strategist!

•Crafted as a tabletop game, this experience invites players to gather around for interactive play on a flat surface.
•With essential pieces extracted for tabletop play, this game seamlessly transitions from wall art to a captivating wall sculpture when not in use.
•Recommended number of players: 2-6 for optimal gameplay.
- Product dimensions: 84x82x10cm ( 33'' x 32'' x 3,9'' )

Age Range
•Ideal for ages 8 and above, this game spans a broad age range, suitable for both children and adults. Versatile across age groups, this game is suitable for both children and adults, offering engaging entertainment for various age ranges.

How to play?
•Setup: Easily remove only the game board and necessary game pieces from the main board hung on the wall and place them on a flat surface. Each player chooses a token and places it on the 'GO' space.Shuffle the Chance and Community Chest cards and place them facedown on their respective spaces. •Distribute the money equally among all players.
•Starting the •Game: The player with the highest roll of the dice goes first. •Roll both dice and move your token clockwise around the board by the number of spaces indicated. •Follow the instructions on the space you land on.
•Buying Properties: If you land on an unowned property, you have the option to buy it at the listed price. If you choose not to buy, the property will be auctioned off to the highest bidder. If you land on a property owned by another player, you must pay them rent.
•Building Houses and Hotels: Once you own all properties of a color group, you can buy houses and hotels to increase rent. •Each property can have up to four houses, and the fourth house can be upgraded to a hotel.
•Chance and Community Chest Cards: When you land on these spaces, draw the top card from the corresponding deck and follow the instructions. •These cards can either be beneficial or disadvantageous.
•Jail: If you land on the "Go to Jail" space, draw a "Go to Jail" card or roll doubles three times in a row, you will be sent to jail. You can either wait for three turns to be released, pay a fine, or use a "Get Out of Jail Free" card.
Trading and •
Negotiating: Players can trade properties, money, and other assets with each other. Negotiate with opponents to make deals that benefit you strategically.
•Bankruptcy: If a player cannot pay their debts, they are declared bankrupt and are out of the game. •The last player remaining with money and assets wins the game
Included Components:Main Board, necessary game accessories
The product is shipped in a packaging box, which can later be repurposed for storage.
Hanging Instructions and Hardware Notice for Board Installation
You will need two screws and wall plugs to hang the board. We wanted to inform you that we do not include hardware with the product, as our customers may require different types of screws or nails to securely hang it on the wall.

Summary of hanging instructions:
Align the product and mark the screw points.
Hang the product, ensuring that the screws do not penetrate the wall completely. Since the product has depth, some part of it must remain outside; otherwise, the product will not be able to lean against the wall.

Archopoly Wall Deco is design patented  by Archtwain Design Studio.