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Colorful Peg Solitaire- Orange


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Creative Product Description
There are many ways to have fun by yourself. So you can discover your inner vision and push your limits.
Solo Test is connecting a generations popular game and stylish decoration ideas. Solo Test by Archtwain will accompany you and your loved ones with fun !
It is not as easy as you guess. Let's see if you can leave behind only one pawn!

•This game is designed to be played when hung on the board, serving as a decorative wall sculpture when not in use. Optionally, it can also be played on a table if preferred.
•Designed for solo play
Dimensions: 17." x 17." x 3''  (44cm x 44cm)

Age Range
•This versatile game is suitable for a wide age range, offering engaging entertainment for children and adults alike. The recommended minimum age is 3, with adult supervision advised for users aged 6 and below.

How to play?
•Played on wall by one player.
•Each player should play one by one and compare the scores.
•32 pawns are alined, the center hole should be empty. This hole will let the pawns passover the others.

•Player passes a pawn over another, the one passed over is taken out and sent to corner. •Player can play in any direction.
Tha goal is finishing the game with least pawns. So you can compare your score to others.
Included Components: Main Board, pawns
The product is shipped in a packaging box, which can later be repurposed for storage.
Hanging Instructions and Hardware Notice for Board Installation
You will need two nails or screws and wall plugs to hang the board. We wanted to inform you that we do not include hardware with the product, as our customers may require different types of screws or nails to securely hang it on the wall.

Summary of hanging instructions:
Align the product and mark the screw points.
Hang the product, ensuring that the screws do not penetrate the wall completely. Since the product has depth, some part of it must remain outside; otherwise, the product will not be able to lean against the wall.

Peg Solitaire Wall Deco is design patented by Archtwain Design Studio.