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Chinese Checkers Wall Deco


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Product Details and Content

  • Dimensions: 23''x23'' (60 cm x 60 cm
  • Total dept: 1.7" (4.5cm)
  • 60 pieces of special handmade wooden Chınese Checkers pawns
Our collection of wall games is registered under our brand name.

Decorative,Stylish,Functional and Fun !

It is an excellent idea for the design you hang on your wall to entertain you at the same time !
Adding a new object to your place and convincing cheerful hours , sounds good ! We’ve been inspired by this thought and designed Chınese checkers Wall Deco, offering you more than a swinging touch on your place.
Folding one of the most popular vintage game and decoration, this archtwainian product has a fabelous look meeting traditional playful lines with modernized effects. Geniune design, Chınese checkers Wall Deco, peculiarly created to father social venues.
With its clear and poncey Outlook it will change the energy of the place while revaluating your wall via the game function. Composed of superimposed two black matte metal tablets, this product promises a stylish and groovy perspective. Special pion figures integrate the pureness and elegant style of overall.
Design Chınese checkers Wall Deco can be easily set on anywere you wish, waiting to revive your place and witness your thrilling matches!